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Ric2.03DSet True Three-Dimensional Virtual Studio

      Ric2.03DSet true three-dimensional virtual studio system is a product applicable for radio and television production, independently developed by Beijing Leyard Video Technology Co., Ltd.. With the image matting technique, a host may be immersed in a variety of virtual environments to product programs, thus greatly enhancing picture effects and offering audience a new visual experience.It can be widely used in kinds of programs such as news broadcast, weather forecast, financial reports, sports reviews, entertainment reports and news reviews.

                      Product Features
                                      Support for multiple 3D model file formats
                                       Support any side to play the video material
                                      Support multi-channel external signal real-time broadcast
                                      Support multiple trackless and unreasonable tracking
                                      Support multiple textures and self-modeling
                                      Support IPAD control and lift control


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