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Virtual Broadcast Studio System

      The “Virtual Broadcast Studio” was independently researched and developed by Dahooo and has already been put into market. Utilizing the latest LED video wall and floor technologies, motion capture sensors, a display screen, a video camera and cutting-edge software, the AR Panoramic Simulation System enables immersive environments for real-time and interactive exploration. Customers can explore 3D models in the physical space whether you are creating broadcast content, visualizing volumetric data for analysis or exploring virtual worlds for collaborative activities, giving full play to creativity.

Full Solution for Panoramic Simulation

The highly-customized system starts with your choice of Leyard® LED video wall and flooring, an OptiTrack® precision motion capture system, a tracking rocker camera and corresponding service and support to assemble the hardware configuration. This set-up is accompanied by a suite of software and services for 3D simulation, spatial positioning and tracking, multi-channel 3D suture system and PBR real-time rendering, as well as customized 3D model and content development upon request. The entire system is designed and tested for your application and delivered along with user and operator training.

         Our System can be structured as "L" size (3 LED screens) or  "U" size (4 or 5 LED screens) based on your needs. 

Premier LED Products

     Our LED screens are first-class in the world and have industry-leading performance. We offer LED products in several configurations customizable to your application. Customers can select different options based on demands. Qualified and excellent, our LED products are chosen to be utilized in extra-important national activities and on the highest-level political occasions, like the military parade on the 90th birthday of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army.


Proprietary 3D Suture Adds Realism and Ultra-strong PBR Real-time Rendering Capacity

Traditional stitching or alignment of LED displays into multi-display configurations may align the image and choreograph content across the display surfaces, but it does not alter the content for perspective. This causes 3D objects to appear warped, twisted, stretched or flat. Dahooo’s unique 3D suture technology includes special positioning function to display content with spatial perspective effects. When combined with high quality 3D models, the scene does not appear digital to the viewer, but real. Viewers think they are seeing 250 feet or 400 kilometers into the distance, instead of at a set made up of LED video walls in close proximity. And our PBR rendering capacity can cover an area of 160,000 square kilometers, enabling presentation of a huge scene only in a space that physically covers a dozen square meters.

Superior to Traditional Broadcast Studio, All-Media Studio and Green Screen, Ultimately Flexible

To build a real-scene filming environment, at first we need to make design sketch through computer or by hand then make on-site construction. The engineering period is relatively long and has high requirements on scenery and stage design, which need large quantities of labor and material resources and cost environmental and noise pollution. Besides, if studios need to be resigned or add multiple sets that go under-utilized most of the day. While the Dahooo AR Panoramic Simulation System solution have many advantages over these aspects:

With this new approach, one set can be used for multiple shows for better cost-efficiency and flexibility. And switching scenes just takes a few seconds. So it will be incredibly convenient for filming.

Without the traditional downsides to green screen technology, the Dahooo AR Panoramic Simulation System solution is both superior and flexible. The camera location or actor /host in the scene can be sensed to provide unique views and visual clues to the person on-set. And there are no wardrobe color limitations and it is incredible accurate even around objects, furnishings and props.

Collaborative Virtual Reality

      Our system supports the input of multiple materials to build up the display environment, such as 8k pictures, 4k videos and 3D modeling. There are no limitations on what kind of scenes can be built. So it will be quite convenient when there is need for a dangerous scene. Besides, various AR elements can be added into the virtual environment to make it more vivid.

Excellent Match Between Real and Virtual Elements


Perfect for a Variety of High-Performance Visualization Applications

•       Virtual broadcast set for on-camera viewing

•       Data visualization and analysis of 3D models

•       Education or training simulations

•       Tourism innovation and destination simulations

•       Military simulation

•       Architectural renderings and walk-throughs

•       Real estate development previews

•       Product design collaboration

•       Collaborative virtual reality (VR) visualizations and game play

•       Shared crowd viewing of head mounted device (HMD) VR experiences



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